Logo Design Process

Getting a logo designed through us is a simple 4-step process.

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Logo Design Process 01 - Design BriefThe logo design process begins with obtaining a thorough understanding of the brand for which the logo is to be designed. This understanding, comes through the design brief, which is a questionnaire our clients fill up at the time of placing their order. Some of the questions which we ask are:

  1. What does the brand stand for?
  2. What should the brand communicate about itself?
  3. What are the most prominent/important characteristics of the brand?
  4. What colors would be incorporated in the logo design?
  5. Where would the logo design be used, e.g. print, web, television?
Logo Design Process 02 - Initial ConceptsNow the process of actually designing the logo begins. The brief is understood, interpreted and applied to create alternate designs that would fulfill its objectives. The primary goal at this stage is one of exploring various avenues that could be used to represent the logo design.

Once the exploration is done, at least three to five (based on your chosen logo design package) preliminary designs are presented to the client for feedback.

This process usually takes three to five working days, and its success depends on the clarity of communication between the client and the designer.

Logo Design Process 03 - RevisionsAt this stage the selected idea is fine-tuned, modified and given the shape of what will become the final logo design. Ideally, not too many changes should be required at this stage, because the logo design that has been selected would have already gone through a rigorous audit. Nevertheless, some fine-tuning and presentation of alternatives is necessary.

This process results in the idea becoming the logo design, and usually takes one to two business days depending on the complexity of the artwork.

Logo Design Process 04 - PackageAfter due revisions and approval by client, the logo is finalized and prepared for delivery. The final logo package consists of the logo in PNG and JPG formats for web use and in vector formats such as AI, PDF, EPS etc for print, banners and other media.

These files are put in a zip file and sent to client via email. This marks the end of the logo design project. If the client has also ordered stationery, web site and/or brochure then work on them is started. These follow a similar design cycle.