Logo Design Brief

Order Step 3 - Fill out Design Brief

Please fill the form below in as much detail as possible as it helps our design team to better understand your requirements, and in turn create more effective design concepts.
  • A - Company / Product Info and Design Preferences

  • The name as you would like to appear on the artwork.
  • Describe your product or business in 3-4 words, separated by commas. e.g. Dentistry, Banking, Auto parts etc.
  • Please describe your company and the business it conducts in detail.
  • Please write one competitor per line.
  • Please write one url per site. Format: (www.xyz.com)
  • Attributes that you want your designs to display.
  • Enter a few colors which your would like to see in your logo.
  • Enter a few colors which you specifically would NOT like to see in your logo.
  • B - Logo Design Brief

    This is a design brief for logo design services. If you have also ordered other items (stationery, brochure, web design etc.) then we will send you their forms separately through email.
  • An ideal slogan / tagline consists of 3-5 easy to understand words.
  • Where do you plan to primarily use your logo? Check all that apply.
  • For example: Intel, Ford, AOL, Nike etc.
  • List down ideas you might already have about your logo and which you would like us to work on.
  • By checking this box, you confirm that you have read and agree to the clauses stated in our Terms of Service.