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Your Guide to Getting the Right Logo Design

Company logos are part of our cultural fabric. Consider how the Lacoste green crocodile, the Guinness harp, the springing kangaroo on the tail fin of a Qantas airliner are immediately identifiable and convey a message of quality. Logos have become part of the commercial landscape for a very good reason – an effective logo design can brand a company product in the consumers’ minds and to build customer loyalty.

So what exactly is a logo? The word is short for logotype and it’s a sign that serves to identify a product or company. Because people respond emotionally to images, the right logo builds credibility and conveys professionalism.

So how do you find an effective logo design company? Logo design is a part of graphic design. In fact it’s one of the most important areas of graphic and also the most most difficult to get right. This is because logo design requires not only artistic creativity, but also a deep knowledge of the culture of the day. The latter enables designers to develop appropriate logos for any field of business from centuries-old Scotch whiskeys to the latest biotechnology products.

For a logo to be both attractive and effective, it needs to be visually pleasing and memorable and effectively convey the the essence of your product or company to your target audience. So company logo design demands both artistic skill and business knowledge.

Before contacting a logo design firm you need to be clear about the image you wish to present. Plus you want to think about what colours best represent your company. Logos are of several types. They can be text-based, illustrative (an image that represents what your company or product does), iconic (abstract image), or a combination of all.

As for design, the best maxim is ‘the simpler the better’. Look at the classic minimalism of Google’s logo, for example. See how effective and memorable it is. Remember a logo has to grab attention immediately. Complex logos bursting with metaphor are likely to result in confusion.

When you have a clear idea of the type of logo you thing would fit your needs, contact a firm to design one for you. You can choose a graphic design firm but it makes to sense to have your logo created as part of a whole branding package. For this, you would need to approach brand development consultants who can advise you on all aspects of corporate image development including corporate logo design and business logo design. You might even get Free logo design as part of the package.

Andy Lomax owns and runs Kudos Web Design one of the Leading Web Design companies in Manchester.

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