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Skyrocket Sales With Effective Company Branding

Branding refers to the image, logo, or phrase that you can see and instantly know what company it represents. “Like a good neighbor…” Naturally you know I am talking about State Farm Insurance just like an S with a star next to it on a jacket or piece of sports clothing is easily recognizable as a Starter product.

Branding can cost a lot of cash. For a start up company, this might be a problem. But, it is possible to craft an affordable brand. With a little creativity and an honest critic, you have all you need.

If you are selling a product such as hair gel, by simply adding a picture of yourself onto the product, you have successfully branded your merchandise. Now, when people see you smiling back at them from the side of gel bottles in stores, they will immediately remember your product and where to get it. Add a catchy phrase next to the picture and you are off to the races!

Alcohol producers often use branding to help with their sales. Captain Morgan had a painting serving as the background for their bottle. It had a macaw flying past a sailor shipwrecked ashore. Even if you could not recall the name of the product, you could remember that you wanted the bottle with the flying macaw on it.

You must come up with something unique but related to your product in order to “brand” it. Think of what the product is or what it does, the shape of the container, the colors involved. Find a place to add a photo, and think of a truly memorable catchphrase.

Brainstorming with several people can help generate ideas for branding. Sit around and discuss options, toss out ideas, list the ones that make you laugh or are easy to remember and “especially” suited to the product. Look at places on the sales material, boxing, labeling, where a photograph would be appropriate.

Make some flyers, buy business cards and order brochures.

Send them to everyone on your contact list and be sure to hand them out to anyone you meet. This is both cheap and yet very effective.

You are going to need to go to trade shows and the like in order to build a mailing list of potential customers.
Speaking at public events is always a good idea and affords you the opportunity to tell people about your company and the products you offer. Bring along sign up sheets to bolster your mailing list and be sure to exchange business cards with the other people renting booths.

The profitability of branding is undeniable so there is no question that it works. Some logos and phrases will be with us until we die. If people actually recognize what you sell or your face, then you already have opened the door to an opportunity to tell them more about your business and its potential benefits to them. Branding is a big part of the reason that Arnold Schwarzenegger is now governor of California. It is surely not the only thing that helped him win the run-off election, but you can bet that it did not hurt him one bit!

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