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Business Cards: First Impressions Are Important

Your business card is as important as any of your other promotional material that is used to sell your services, promote your image and make a lasting impression on a prospect. Avoid the pitfall of putting little effort and planning into your business card.

Your business card — as well as your promotional material — should reflect the quality, professionalism and creativity of your writing business. Remember: first impressions are important, especially if you’re networking. As soon as you exchange business cards with a prospect, he will be looking at your business card — judging it.

It’s better to create a business card that is original, colorful and creative — one that the prospect will remember — than a business card that looks the same as any other business card. Here are some guidelines to follow before you invest in business cards:

  • Avoid business cards that you can custom print out of your printer. These types of business cards feel cheap — and look it. You’ll probably save some pocket change on the custom print business cards, but they’ll also cause you to lose business.
  • Use at least two colors in your business card or use black ink on a colored paper or colored ink on a white paper. The basic and most popular business card is printed with black ink on white paper. Avoid buying business cards that look like everybody else’s. Make your business cards stand out, whether it be with a different color, a unique design, or with different fonts.
  • Your business card is like a mini-billboard of advertisement. Besides including the particulars (your name and address, etc.), also add a selling point, such as “Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!” or “FREE Consultation — Call Me Any Time!” or “I work within your budget and I’m deadline-friendly!” Another tip is to add a testimonial from a past client who has been satisfied with your services.
  • You should include a title after your name. What is your title? Communications Consultant? Copywriter? Marketing Specialist? PR Pro? Sr. Account Executive? You should avoid using Freelance Writer as your title if you’re a commercial freelance writer — according to some writers, using this title is not as professional or worthy as using the other titles.
  • Consider printing information on the back of your business card or on the inside if the business card opens up. You can include additional information such as what writing services you offer and which clients you’ve assisted in the past.

Take look at these examples of order of service booklets are fully personalized with your choice of songs, verses, thank you messages and images. You can get some creative ideas on business cards by visiting your local printer. Your printer will have a giant portfolio of business cards that you can choose and pick through. Remember that your business card should match your letterhead and other business stationery.

Brian S. Konradt of BSK

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