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Choosing Appropriate Fonts for Your Design Projects

There are no right or wrong typefaces – there are only effective and ineffective ones.

If you’ve ever had to squint or “work” to read something, you’ve probably been the victim of an inappropriate font.

Just as people tend to form an opinion by your appearance, the first impression of type is also important.

If you want your business to be taken seriously, you need to choose fonts that reflect this. Don’t use a casual or script font when a credible, more traditional typeface would be more appropriate.

How to Choose an Effective Font

Ask yourself these questions to help choose an appropriate font for your graphic material.

What is the tone of this project?

Fun, happy, credible, serious. Choose a font that reflects the tone.

What font best reflects the content?

If you’re talking about insurance, you want a font that is open, easy to read and looks business-like. A leaning font with a cute feel is going to contradict this.

What font is appropriate for this medium?

Choose a font that works effectively in the medium you are using for your communication. Some fonts render well onscreen while others are better for printed material.

Do we have a corporate font?

If you have a corporate font – use it. Ask your graphic design department or your designer what it is and make sure it is installed on your computer. Reputable designers spend considerable time and use proven methodology to select appropriate business fonts. Stick to their advice.


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