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'Cool' graphic design is why the Coke bottle is such a distinctive shape!

Innovative graphic design was fundamental to the success of Coca-Cola – long before the concepts of branding and marketing had been established.

The simple intention was ‘We want our customers to always know when they have a Coke bottle in their hand – even if they are in a darkened room.’ Backed up by consistent and intensive exposure of the company’s distinctively designed logo(s) over many years, is it any wonder that Coke is now one of the most instantly recognised global brands.

The importance of design in differentiating your organisation and/or product from the rest of the competition, is difficult to underestimate. And design has many manifestations.

Product designfor ergonomics and innovation (think Dyson cleaners and Apple Mac computers)
Packaging design
for ease of use, protection, novelty and visibility (think Tetra Packs, changeable covers for mobile phones and  Tango’s can designs)
Corporate design
The company/brand image is reflected in many ways (think of the sign above the door and your reception area for visitors, the style of your letterheads and the messages on the sides of your company vehicles).
Marketing communicationsEverything you send or expose to the customer tells a story about you through its graphic design values. (think of every leaflet or brochure you send out, each website click through you obtain, every time your product is seen in an advertisement or at an exhibition, whenever the customer passes by the product)

Here are some questions you should be asking:

  1. Do our graphic design values reinforce the image of our products?
  2. Do they add value to the customer proposition?
  3. Do our designs make us more visible?
  4. Is the design message clear and unequivocal ?
  5. If you use a symbol is it relevant and supportive of you company’s approach?
  6. Does the design match or complement my customers culture (Why does the Red Cross become the Red Crescent in Islamic countries)?
  7. When was the last time we updated our design image (design fashions and therefore acceptability can change over time).

If you are not sure or happy with any of the answers to these questions, perhaps it is a good time to take a fresh look at the Coke approach and see what a graphic design make-over could do for you.

Ó One Vision Ltd, September 2004.


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