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What Makes an Effective Logo Design?

Logos are demanding. Every second of every day, they compete with each other for attention.

And logos carry quite a bit of responsibility. They are at the frontline of business marketing – establishing recognition, credibility and reputation.

Your logo is probably the most identifiable part of your business. Prospective and existing customers alike will judge your business according to the impression it creates.

While professional logos often look simple, they imbue a great deal about a company and its products and services.

An effective logo:

  • Speaks positively to your target market
  • Reflects the standards of your business – gives it credibility
  • Has its own personality – it’s unique and memorable
  • Uses no more than 2 colours (in most cases) to cut down the cost of reproduction
  • Reproduces well at various sizes and in various formats on screen and in print, in colour and in black
  • Reflects the ethos of your company
  • Is visually attractive, professional and distinguished

There are no good or bad logos, just effective and ineffective ones.

Make sure your identity:

  • Adds value to your business
  • Projects a professional, credible image
  • Reflects the products and/or services your offer
  • Is of a high standard, is clear and easy to read – it should be memorable
  • Is unique and distortion free (logos should never be stretched)
  • Has been designed by a professional. Do-it-yourself looks cheap and amateurish

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